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laurenmichellestern@gmail.com   //  Chicago, IL



August 2012                  Indiana University – Undergraduate                                                                                       Bloomington, IN

                                Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting

                                Minor: Art History

                                       Cum. GPA: 3.67/4.0

Awards and Publications                                                                                                                                   

2015                              Artist Spotlight on Room for Tuesday blog

2012                              StudioBreak Podcast National Contest Winner

2012                              Canvas Creative Arts Magazine

  • Published One Painting

2011                               Harry Engels Scholarship in Painting                                                                                               



2012-present                 Anthropologie, Display Coordinator                                                                                                Chicago, IL

·       Created and executed concept-based 3D installations                                            Lexington, KY

2012                               Anthropologie, Visual Display Intern                                                                                        Indianapolis, IN

·       Assisted the Display Coordinator in completing multi-media installations

·       Employed multitasking and time management skills

2011-2012                  Wine & Canvas, Artist                                                                                                                    Bloomington, IN

·       Created up to 6 original paintings every month

·       Instructed up to 80 adults and 40 children how to paint the paintings

2011-2012                   Foursquare Antiques & Architectural Salvage                                                                           Bloomington, IN

·       Heavily involved in relocating the store and curating store inventory

·      Continued utilizing customer service skills

2008-2010                  pictura gallery                                                                                                                              Bloomington, IN

·       Catered opening events and supervised 3 workers

2008-2009                   Scholars Inn Gourmet Café and Wine Bar                                                                               Bloomington, IN

·       Hostess, food runner

·       Furthered teamworking skills while learning the inner workings of the restaurant industry


2015                      Logan Square Series                                                                                                                        Chicago, IL

                              National Office Furniture Showcase, Solo Show

2014                      Recent Paintings                                                                                                                                Chicago, IL

                              Rocking Horse Restaurant, Solo Show

2014                      Portraits and Non-Portraits                                                                                                               Bloomington, IN

                              Royale Hair Parlor, Solo Show

2013                      Eleven: A Compilation Show                                                                                                             Bloomington, IN

                               Blueline Gallery

2013                      Women Exposed Group Show                                                                                                          Bloomington, IN

                               Pop-Up Show Location

2012                      BFA Painting Thesis Show                                                                                                                Bloomington, IN

                               Grunwald Gallery of Art

2012                       Collaboration: BFA + Jake Gillespie                                                                                                Bloomington, IN

                               Fuller Projects, Indiana University

2012                       BFA Painting Area Show                                                                                                                  Bloomington, IN

                               Grunwald Gallery of Art

2011                        BFA Painting Area Show                                                                                                                  Bloomington, IN

                               Grunwald Gallery of Art

2011                        Winter Group Show                                                                                                                          Bloomington, IN

                               Bellevue Gallery

2011                        1498                                                                                                                                                   Bloomington, IN

                               Public Art Installation on Town Square

2011                        BFA Painting Area Show                                                                                                                  Bloomington, IN

                               Grunwald Gallery of Art

2011                       BFA Collaboration Show: Confliction within Containment                                                             Bloomington, IN

                               Fuller Projects, Indiana University

2010                       BFA Painting Area Show                                                                                                                  Bloomington, IN

                               Grunwald Gallery of Art



Painting [oil and acrylic], Drawing, Woodshop Skills, Exhibition Installation and Tear Down, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, Elementary Italian



2011                               Recovery Engagement Center                                                                                                 Bloomington, IN

·       Assisted a Life Coach in an art therapy class for addicts

·       Listened and taught technical skills

2011                               Stonebelt                                                                                                                                    Bloomington, IN

·       Assisted teacher in an art class for adults with disabilities

·       Worked with adults with limited motor skills on art projects

Travel Experience                                                                                                                                               

2012                              Brazil, Argentina, Peru

·       Independently traveled around South America to gain worldly knowledge and inspiration

2010                               Indiana University’s Florence, Italy Drawing & Art History Study Abroad Program

·      Lived and studied for 6 weeks with 35 students in Florence, Italy

·      Traveled independently around Italy, Spain, and France

2009                               Jinotega, Nicaragua

·      Independently traveled there twice to aid friend in starting a bilingual preschool

2005/ 2006                   Andros Island, Bimini Island, Bahamas

·       Sailed to Andros Island with church youth group to volunteer and teach vacation bible school